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  by Bonnie Hodge

"The first book written for novice enthusiasts with a thirst for knowledge of this rare breed."



* Over 450 pages and over 250 color photographs

*Breed description: colors, conformation, gait, disposition

*History: breed lines, Sam Tuttle and TOBE, Interviews, Folklore, and Legends  

*Answers to questions: Registries, ASD, purchasing, training

*Information on: trail riding, shows, versatility

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Bonnie Hodge has spent her lifetime in the company of horses. Going back to her earliest childhood memories, there has never been a time without horses to love and ride. Presently retired from a career in literary, investigative research, and communication skills, she devotes all her time to her one true pleasure in life, her Rocky Mountain Horses. Experienced in most aspects of equine husbandry, she enjoys breeding, training, and raising her Rockies. She has amassed extensive insight and knowledge of the breed to share with the readers of this book. 


 Book Reviews:

"....If you are a horseman, either novice or experienced, an outdoor enthusiast, or an admirer of Appalachian culture and history, the recollections and factual history in this book will be an interesting and entertaining read. The author has gone to every conceivable source to gather an encyclopedia of current information as well. I know that you, the reader, will enjoy this book as much as I did, both for its content and because of the love for this extraordinary horse."        

 -Rea Swan, founder of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association

".......Finally, a comprehensive book on Rocky Mountain Horses that could only result from years of devotion and diligence. Bonnie Hodge has gone straight to the best sources, compiling stories from the old-timers whose memories are the collective past of the breed, seeking out gait experts in demystifying the complex subject of gaits, and most importantly, pouring her own heart and soul into investigating every detail of the breed. This is definitive work on Rocky Mountain Horses and a gread read to boot."       

 - Rhonda Hart Poe, editor of "The Gaited Horse" magazine



"Rocky Mountain Horses" book won the "Honorable Mention" award in the 2006 Independent Publishers Nationwide Book Awards**. Awards included 5-12 semi-finalists in each of the national non-fiction categories, and finalists in the Ten Outstanding Books of the year. 

**The Independent Publisher Book Awards were conceived as a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, the awards recognize hundreds of the year’s best books, bringing them to the attention of booksellers, buyers, librarians, and book lovers around the world. IPPY Awards now receive more than 2,000 book entries, making this the largest independent book awards contest in the world. The Independent Publisher Book Awards were designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.




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